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Salesforce Certification Training Best Practices

Most companies execute Salesforce training and certification as major initiatives.  It drives end user adoption, accelerates learning, offers employee career growth and drives business results.

What are the best ways to train Salesforce end-users and prepare them for Salesforce Certifications?

The true answer is that there is no one perfect training method.  In fact, well-respected teaching models tell us that individual students each learn in different ways.  

Some students require structure, rigid timelines, and classroom-style teacher instruction.  While others prefer broad class outlines that allow them to independently read and study.  

As such, best-in-class companies offer a hybrid teaching model in their Salesforce training and certification initiatives.

There are many options companies use to deliver quality Salesforce training and certification preparation.  Some examples include:

  • Enrolling employees in instructor-led training classes
  • Granting employees access to self-paced learning classes
  • Providing employees self-study exam preparation materials
  • Providing reinforcement training as continued learning programs

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these options?

Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training is often regarded as the most effective training method.  These training classes create time efficiencies by allowing many students to complete the training quickly.  The instructors bring real-world experience and lead carefully curated curriculums in real-time.  

Instructor-led training classes provide students with the live interaction and custom training they need to operate the technology, as it applies within their specific role and organization.

Most importantly, it allows interaction between students and the instructor to ensure questions are answered and instruction is understood.  In addition, instructor-led classes can train multiple users quickly, reinforce corporate objectives, answer students’ questions and provide motivation and reassurance. 

Salesforce instructor-led training providers, such as Stony Point, offer dozens of classes across the various Salesforce disciplines.  These classes help companies and their employees prepare for Salesforce certification exams. 

Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning classes, such as Salesforce Trailhead, are delivered through computer modules.  Students attend classes online and progress through the class at their own pace.  

This system offers convenience over instructor-led classes as students can attend class as it fits their schedule.  However, it also comes with a few disadvantages.

First, it removes the personal interaction that many students find beneficial to learning.  For example, students can’t ask questions of an expert instructor during class.  Nor can they develop relations or interact with other students. 

Further, self-paced learning classes require students to independently keep up on their lessons. The success of the class rides on the students’ ability to complete the class in a timely manner. 

Many students find they don’t have the discipline to complete classes quickly.  Or, they prioritize other work-related tasks over logging in to the class.  As a result, companies often find their students take longer than desired to complete courses.

Exam Prep Materials

Regardless of the training method, many employees seek further training and help as they prepare to take Salesforce certification exams.  

Some companies such as Salesforce Ben and Focus on Force provide Salesforce study guides and practice exams.  The expertly crafted practice exams emulate actual questions and conditions students would encounter when taking Salesforce Certification exams.  

Many companies procure such extra help materials and provide it to help students as they run down the stretch toward certification exams. 

Reinforcement Training

Training doesn’t stop once the class ends.  

Well-trained companies realize they must offer continuous Salesforce education to their employees.  There are multiple reasons for this:

  1. It’s well documented that students naturally forget much of what they learned within one day of class.  To combat this loss of training retention, employers should provide reinforcement training to their end-users.  Reinforcement training serves to allow employees to revisit classes they have already completed.  This allows them to refresh skills, remind them what they learned and let them move confidently forward in their tasks and jobs.
  2. Employees can always learn more.  As they seek to advance in their career, employees can take new classes and earn additional certifications. 

In the spirit of training reinforcement and continued education, many companies utilize training annual passes.  These training programs allow companies to place their employees in an unlimited number of instructor-led training classes throughout the year.

But, the best approach is to combine learning styles

As we discussed earlier, individual students learn and excel in different ways. 

Stony Point recognizes this and we have structured our Salesforce Training programs accordingly. 

Stony Point, known as a leader in corporate Salesforce training, believes instructor-led training provides the best instruction due to the personal nature of the class.  Students can ask questions of instructors.  Likewise, instructors can adapt the curriculum based on class dynamics, discussion, and flow.

Knowing that some students require additional learning resources, Stony Point also embeds self-paced learning materials into its classes.  As part of our instructor-led classes, we also include study guides and practice exams curated by Salesforce Ben and Focus on Force.  These additional materials help our students to emerge even more prepared to take their Salesforce certification exams.  

So, What’s Next?

Want professional training services for your end-users and managers? Stony Point offers world-class instructor-led Salesforce training. With classes for beginners all the way to experts, we can help you train your employees to be more efficient and productive. Stony Point Salesforce training classes provide employees instructor-led training and embed Salesforce study guides and Salesforce certification exam preparation materials. Employees emerge knowledgeable of Salesforce and prepared to pass certification exams.

Stony Point Class Pass provides customers with an annual pass that allows registered students to take any class within the Stony Point catalog in a year.  Students can take as many classes as they need for little more than the cost of an individual class.

Kevin Robb

Kevin Robb

Kevin is an inspiring and motivating leader who builds and empowers respected teams to promote collaboration, ideation, problem solving and business execution.

He holds a diverse background marketing consumer packaged goods brands both within marketing agencies and branded manufacturing companies. Kevin has spent more than 25-years leading direct and cross-functional teams to deliver brand strategy, project management, analytic reporting, sales support and ROI targets. In addition, Kevin has developed and led organizations to adopt and implement corporate and enterprise level projects and strategy.

Kevin graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations.

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