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The Fastest Growing Salesforce Partners Use Instructor Led Training

The fastest growing Salesforce partners grow their practice by hiring technologists, rapidly training them with instructor led training and quickly converting them to billable hours.  This formula often leads the company to increased revenues, which attracts the eye of potential equity and acquisition groups.

But how do they do it?

Implement instructor led training programs to drive business goals

Fast growing Salesforce partners first assess their assets vs. business and growth goals.  They evaluate questions like:

  1. Do I have enough Salesforce technologists to achieve my growth targets?
  2. Do my technologists have the skills and certifications they need to reach objectives?
  3. How do I train them quickly and increase their billable hours?

Such evaluations often reveal the partner needs to dramatically increase and accelerate the number of projects they execute in order to satisfy customers, gain new business and achieve revenue and other business goals.

As a solution, many top-performing partners decide to upgrade their Salesforce Technologist staff through upsizing and training.

In order to take on more work, they often increase staff by hiring a combination of Campus Hires (new grads) and Experienced Hires (professionals with business experience but little Salesforce experience).  They also move experienced consultants from legacy practices to their Salesforce practice. 

Secondly, they employ training programs designed to quickly bring new hires up to speed but to also gain new certifications for experienced technologists.

Instructor Led Salesforce Training Accelerates Growth

While many methods of training are available, many of the fast-growing partners believe Instructor Led Training (ILT) is the most effective. 

ILT classes are conducted in classroom-like environments and take place over one or more days.  Companies can hold live classes in a physical venue.  However, facilitators can also teach classes virtually via video conferencing applications. This is known as Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) and is a successful tool in this increasingly remote work environment.

Why do the fastest growing Salesforce partners rely on ILT and VILT?

Partners know Instructor led training is an accelerant to grow more technologists and to achieve more certifications.

They can rapidly train multiple users.  In fact, partners utilizing ILT can train entire classes of new hires in about a week. 

Compare that with teams utilizing Self Paced Learning platforms, which can take months to complete.

Further, many partners choose to enter into Training as a Subscription Service (TaaSS) programs, which provides cost-effective, on-going training services.

TaaSS programs act as an annual pass allowing partners to offer students any class within the provider’s catalog over the course of the year at significant discounts.  In other words, partners can train multiple people in multiple classes with discounts up to 90% off retail pricing. 

Such services are perfect for training new technologists.  Also, it’s an excellent solution to offer continued training and certifications throughout the year for technologists expanding their skills and capabilities.

In the end, partners that follow the rapid ILT path, find they increase billable hours and generate more revenue.  As a result, many quickly find themselves achieving their business goals whether that’s revenue and margin or acquisition. 

So, how can you use Instructor Led Training to Accelerate Your Business?

First evaluate your business goals. Do you have enough staff to complete current projects? Can they take on more projects?

Next, determine the training and certificaitons they may need.

Then determine if you need to outsource your training needs.

How to Choose A Salesforce Training Provider?

When choosing a provider, be sure to match your training needs with services the provider offers.  Such considerations include:

Large Class Catalog 

  • Be sure the provider offers a class catalog that covers core training classes you need not only now – but will need in the future

Adaptable Class Content

  • Be sure the provider is adaptable to your needs. 
  • Do they offer off-the-shelf classes you need? 
  • Can they also, if needed, adapt and create curriculum to match your specific needs?

Flexible Schedules

  • Many providers have set schedules when classes run.
  • Will that work for you?
  • If not, be sure the provider is flexible with class dates and times to match your needs.

Class Size

  • Determine if you need large or small classes
  • Can the provider match your needs?
  • Can they do so on your timeline – or will they delay class dates until classes fill up?

Volume Based Pricing

  • Do you need a little training or a lot? 
  • Based on your volume of work, ask the provider if pricing can be discounted with large volume. 
  • Do they also offer TaaSS programs?

So, What’s Next?

Are you ready to train your next class of technologists?  Do you want your current staff to gain more certifications?  Contact Stony Point, Inc, a leader in Salesforce training.  We’re happy to develop a training program to match your needs.

Stony Point offers instructor led training classes for Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Consultants and Architects.  We deliver curriculum to Salesforce partners to train new technologists and help students prepare for Salesforce Certification exams.

The Stony Point Training as a Subscription Service (TaaSS) program allows partners access to our full class catalog enabling them to train multiple students in multiple classes throughout the year at significant discounts. 

Kevin Robb

Kevin Robb

Kevin is an inspiring and motivating leader who builds and empowers respected teams to promote collaboration, ideation, problem solving and business execution.

He holds a diverse background marketing consumer packaged goods brands both within marketing agencies and branded manufacturing companies. Kevin has spent more than 25-years leading direct and cross-functional teams to deliver brand strategy, project management, analytic reporting, sales support and ROI targets. In addition, Kevin has developed and led organizations to adopt and implement corporate and enterprise level projects and strategy.

Kevin graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations.

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