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Salesforce Skills That Are Most In Demand

Salesforce skills are in high demand.  That’s not a surprise.

The Salesforce economy continues to grow exponentially. Subsequently, open Salesforce jobs also continue to increase.  In fact, 9.3 million jobs will be created during the 5-years spanning 2021-2026.

Consequently, this growth has created a surge of demand for Salesforce talent that far outweighs the available supply. Accordingly, Salesforce recognizes this issue and has challenged partners to add talent to the Salesforce ecosystem. But, it will likely take some time for the talent pool to balance out the demand.

So, in the meantime, as this supply and demand imbalance continues to build, how do you best recruit the quality Salesforce talent you need?

Employers have responded to compete for talent in two major ways:

  1. Locate top talent exhibiting the most in demand Salesforce skills
  2. Bring in and develop new talent 

Salesforce staffing firms, such as Stony Point, work with clients every day who are seeking quality Salesforce Administrators, Developers, and Consultants.  

Stony Point works closely with employers and has noticed a few trends as to which Salesforce skills and overall business skills the industry views as valuable.

In general, Stony Point has found employers are seeking well-rounded talent that are versed in both training and experience.  As employers compete for these well rounded technologists, they seek those that have the following skill sets:

  1. Salesforce Certifications
  2. Relevant Salesforce Project Experience

Salesforce Certifications 

To find the best candidates, recruiters look for candidates that already know Salesforce. So, they seek technologists that have earned Salesforce certifications.

With more than 40 Salesforce certifications available, employers can search for candidates that hold specific certifications and skills that meet their business requirements.  Amongst this list of available certifications, recent trends point to a few that are most in-demand, including:

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Sales or service Cloud certification
  • CPQ
  • Platform app builder

Salesforce skills and experience are just as important as certifications

Beyond certifications, recruiters need candidates that have developed their Salesforce skills and are able to apply them to everyday situations and complex business requirements.   

As noticed by Stony Point, some of the top skills recruiters are demanding, include:

  • Lightning Development, Lightning components and Lightning Web Components (LWC)
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud and/or Pardot
  • Client facing/consulting skills 

Finding new talent with Salesforce skills

So, you want to bring in new Salesforce talent. But, how, and from where can you do that?

As one option, employers can search for new, emerging talent from boot camps, schools and programs that develop Salesforce skills in students.

Select Institute of Technology develops both Salesforce skills and provides relevant project experience for students.  Its immersive 12-week program provides students with instructor-led, hands-on training and includes real-world project experience.  Following graduation, students emerge with diplomas in Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Developer and are ready to make an immediate impact for hiring companies.  

Do you need help recruiting Salesforce Talent?

Stony Point can help.  We are a leading Salesforce training and enablement partner. In fact, we also specialize in placing Salesforce talent.

We’re not a Staffing Vendor. We’re a Staffing Partner.

Most of our Stony Point Staffing and Recruiting clients treat us as an extension of their own internal resourcing teams, using us to fill gaps and even for pre-sale assistance on occasion.

We have excellent people on our own team available for short- and long-term contracts. We’ve been training technologists and working collaboratively in the Salesforce partner ecosystem for years. Because of this, we know a lot of experienced resources in addition to our own team.

Need a Developer, Architect, or Account Executive–a permanent hire or a contrac position–we can help. 

We can staff candidates that fit your every need.

Stony Point Admin

Stony Point Admin

Stony Point, Inc. provides world-class Salesforce training and user adoption. Learn about our high-end technical and end-user training and partner enablement at https://www.stonyp.com

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