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Avoid This When Recruiting Salesforce Talent

When recruiting Salesforce talent, don’t waste your time posting the position on job boards or relying on recruiters that are not fully knowledgeable of Salesforce.  Top Salesforce talent aren’t seeking new opportunities through these channels. As a result, you might waste time and resources recruiting the wrong people.  At worst, you likely will miss out on the best candidates for your open roles.

Instead of relying on job boards, turn to Salesforce recruiting experts to help you find, recruit and hire the best candidates for your roles.

Why Job Boards and General Recruiters miss the mark when recruiting Salesforce talent

  1. Top talent often are not actively seeking new opportunities
  2. They’re not looking at general job boards
  3. Specialized Salesforce recruiters are already recruiting them
  4. Salesforce roles are highly specialized

Passive Candidates Aren’t Looking

Like any profession, some of the best Salesforce users and technologists are already employed.  This makes them passive candidates, meaning they are not actively searching for new employment. 

Does that mean they would not accept an exciting role in your company?  No, it simply means they may never hear of your role though job boards and other traditional recruiting methods because they are not spending time looking for new opportunities.

General job boards don’t fit well with Salesforce talent

Job boards and professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Indeed, are great tools for the general business market.  But they might not resonate with Salesforce developers.  If we assume most of the talent are passive candidates, then they won’t be engaging routinely with general job boards. If anything, they look at more specialized boards such as Dice, which focus on technical jobs.

Specialized recruiters are already courting them

With revenue forecast to grow 23% in FY 2021, Salesforce continues to grow.  As a result of that growth, demand for top Salesforce talent also continues to rise.  And while the number of Salesforce users and technologists continue to grow, the supply of quality talent has not kept pace with increased demand.

As a result, top talent are hot commodities and in high demand.  In fact, recruiters routinely seek elite Salesforce users; and in many cases, top talent receive recruiting solicitations weekly.

So, as companies compete for talent, they need to proactively break through the recruiting clutter to gain the attention of desired recruits.

Salesforce Roles are diverse and highly specialized

Roles within the Salesforce Talent Ecosystem are highly specialized, unique and broad.  From Admins to Solution Architects, Salesforce roles require vastly different skill sets.  Companies that struggle to recruit Salesforce talent rely on job boards, general market recruiters and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  The problem is that these channels don’t properly delineate various Salesforce roles.  As a result, these tactics often pair the wrong candidates to the wrong jobs, which in turn wastes company time and resources during the recruiting and interview phase.

So, what’s the key to effectively recruit Salesforce talent?

Companies that recruit Salesforce talent well, know how to properly screen Salesforce candidates. They utilize recruiters, either internal or external, that are well versed in the nuances and diversity of Salesforce roles.

These recruiters know how to read and interpret a candidate’s Salesforce skill and pair them with the right job.  In turn, good Salesforce recruiters set interviews with appropriate candidates and ultimately hire better talent. 

Do you need help recruiting Salesforce Talent?

Stony Point can help.  As a leading leading Salesforce training and enablement partner, we also specialize in placing Salesforce talent. 

We’re not a Staffing Vendor. We’re a Staffing Partner. Most of our Stony Point Staffing and Recruiting clients treat us like an extension of their own internal resourcing teams, using us to fill gaps and even for pre-sale assistance on occasion.

We have excellent people on our own team available for short- and long-term contracts. And since we’ve been training technologists and working collaboratively in the Salesforce partner ecosystem for years, we know a lot of experienced resources in addition to our own team.

Whether you need a Developer, Architect, or an Account Executive–a permanent hire or a contract position–we can help. We can staff candidates that fit your every need.

Kevin Robb

Kevin Robb

Kevin is an inspiring and motivating leader who builds and empowers respected teams to promote collaboration, ideation, problem solving and business execution.

He holds a diverse background marketing consumer packaged goods brands both within marketing agencies and branded manufacturing companies. Kevin has spent more than 25-years leading direct and cross-functional teams to deliver brand strategy, project management, analytic reporting, sales support and ROI targets. In addition, Kevin has developed and led organizations to adopt and implement corporate and enterprise level projects and strategy.

Kevin graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations.

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